Friday, August 17, 2007

Introducing our Firefox Support leadership team

As a result of all the hard work of the support community, the Firefox Support Working Group has officially transitioned to the SUMO team. I am very excited to announce our SUMO leadership team:

David Tenser has been hired as the Firefox Support Project Manager. David is a long-time Mozilla volunteer and was responsible for much of the original support documentation for Mozilla (all the way back to the Phoenix days). David is joining us from Sweden, where he most recently served as a Chief Software Architect.

Chris Ilias, Jason Barnabe and Lucy Connor will join the SUMO leadership team as leaders of the knowledge base, forums and live chat, respectively. Chris, Jason and Lucy have not only been active support volunteers for many years, but have shown tremendous dedication to SUMO and are responsible for much of the progress so far.

Please join me in thanking David, Chris, Jason and Lucy for all their work and welcoming them to their new roles.

As a part of the new SUMO leadership team, I will be scheduling a weekly SUMO call that will be open to the public. I will post more details on the date and call-in info once it has been scheduled.

Update on status of
We have been running performance testing on our current tikiwiki implementation as well as comparison tests for mediawiki and drupal. This data should give us a good understand of the scalability of our current implementation. We will publish the results early next week.

Also, we need your feedback on the forum design. Check it out here:
username: forum
password: design


Paul Kim said...

Awesome news. Looking forward to the new SUMO and congrats to David, Chris, Jason and Lucy!

David Tenser said...

Really glad to be onboard! I can't wait to finish my current job and start doing this full-time. :)