Saturday, August 4, 2007

We need your feedback on the Firefox support site alpha

Thanks to the tremendous work of the Firefox support community, the SUMO alpha is now live at

We need your help to kick the tires of the new site and to tell us whether or not you think the content will be helpful for the average Firefox user. To give feedback on a particular article, please do so in the comments section on the article's page. For all feedback related to the actual site (not articles), please post your comments at the SUMO newsgroup.

Thanks again everyone for all your help. We still have more articles to write, more articles to edit and more work to be done on the SUMO site, but now is an appropriate time to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments thus far!


Greg K Nicholson said...

I tried to create an account, but got the error “Wrong registration code” every time, even though the code was correct. (By the way, I think requiring users to complete a challenge that can't be completed by blind people is against the law in the UK—you should probably change that before the site properly goes public.)

JT Batson said...

thanks, there has been a bug filed on the account creation problem.

as for the the "challenge"-- good feedback, we will look in to it.

holloway said...

I don't know if you're looking for feedback on this but the footer "Was this article useful" form seems to be layed out strangly to me. You might want to make the "post" button more prominent (larger, colourful) and move it below the captcha. Also this button is far to the right on my 1680x1050 resolution screen so it might be good to right-align it at the width of the comment box.

The "Yes/No" should perhaps be closer to the question it's answering as you could read on from the subsequent heading "Thanks for feedback, have more to tell us?" and assume that it was answering that.

The capcha mouseover changes my mouse pointer to a "click" icon not a "text-input" icon (sorry -- not near my CSS spec, I can't remember what the CSS cursor terms are for this).

Anyway, it looks good. Hope my feedback was helpful :)