Thursday, July 19, 2007

Write a Firefox support article today!

After many months of hard work, we are now ready to start writing support documentation for the project!

This is an awesome way to impact the experience of tens of millions of people in a very real way. Let’s be honest, how often do you get to do that? Whether you are an engineer, writer, marketer, salesperson, student or none of the above, you can write support documentation for Firefox. It’s easy to get started!

But I am not a good writer! No problem… we need people who can write out the core content. Once we have that, we can have people who are “writers” and “editors” clean it up and make it sound pretty.

Get started now by following the instructions on our “Get Started Now” page!

We are 1 down and have 63 more to go! (Congrats to Andrew for finishing the first draft!)

I will be posting daily updates on our progress. Please help us spread the word!


Steve said...

Great. I fully intend to write lots of articles for the firefox help site for sure!

JT Batson said...

thanks for all your help!

Jackie Liu said...

I finished the first draft of the Windows installation steps for the Installing Firefox article. Feel free to edit and improve it.

Anybody up to doing a Mac OS or Linux section?

Jackie Liu (edjackiel)