Friday, July 27, 2007

1 week until SUMO knowledge base alpha-- we need your help!

If all goes to plan, the Firefox Support Working group will be pushing the knowledge base live for community review next Friday, August 3rd.

We still have some open articles, as well as plenty of claimed articles that need writing and editing. Check our our community contributor page to learn how you can help. It is going to take a full team effort to get the alpha live by the end of the week, but given the overwhelming response thus far, I think it is doable.

Forum design feedback needed
We are now in the process of designing the look and feel of the SUMO forums. If you have any feedback on what they should look like (remember, we have already chosen TikiWiki as the solution) or any examples of easy to use support forums out there, please contact me at jt at mozilla dot com.

Do you know any good chat solutions?
We also are looking for live chat solutions. If you know of any good easy to use chat solutions, please pass those along too!


nirwana said...

What should be the purpose of this forum? It is to help Mozilla users all over the world (like the Mozillazine forums, but a little different)?

Some opensource chat solutions:
However, I do not have any experience in this field, so others are welcome to contribute their experience.

JT Batson said...

thanks for all your chat solution advice. i will check them out.

the purpose of these forums is to provide integrated support for Firefox users at

supernova_00 said...

Some suggestions:
1) Combine the huge 'Support - help and tutorials' header and the huge search bar box into one. Like the page is.
2) An author login box on the main page.
3) More content on main page i.e. link to most viewed support topics or something other than white space.

supernova_00 said...

thought of one more thing. Put some type of counter on each article so devs/hackers understand which issues are often sought after for help.