Wednesday, June 6, 2007

First steps to seed global Mozilla marketing communities

In last week's post, I wrote about our general plans to seed Mozilla marketing communities around the globe. This week I will go in to a few more details: marketing platform goals, marketing locale goals and the timeline/priorities for the locales.

Marketing platform goals: this central platform for Mozilla marketing community should launch this summer and will incorporate the goals below (except support and
PR- put Mozilla and Firefox messaging, faq’s and press releases online for localization
Events- engage locales in Mozilla events program
Metrics and Analytics- develop dashboard of key metrics that is accessible by community
College reps- Support college outreach efforts globally develop scalable CMS solution that allows for localized version of and using best practices and analytics
Firefox Support- initially provide knowledge base content for locales to use in support efforts. Eventually, provide platform (knowledge base, forum and chat) that can be localized based on needs of communities.

Marketing locale goals:
These goals should be viewed as a checklist. For some locales, many of the goals are already accomplished (localized version of Firefox); while in some locales, goals may not work with our high level goal to move quickly. That said, this should give you a good idea of what we think is important in building marketing communities.

Priority 1
Localized version of Firefox
PR- establish local PR agency/contact
Establish baseline metrics and methods for measurement
Identify and develop where needed local marketing leaders and marketing community

Priority 2
Live version or equivalent for locale
Develop relationships with traditional partners (colleges, open source groups, etc.)
Community driven marketing campaign (“New York Times/Crop Circle” style)
Outreach to top websites in locale to ensure compatibility with Firefox

Priority 3
Localize best practice version of and
Establish and train local volunteer spokespeople
Localize top add-ons
Live local support
Low-touch partnership with top search/sites
Leverage partners for marketing efforts

Rough timeline for marketing community development efforts:
We can’t do all this at once! Below you can see a rough timeline of when we will begin to focus on the priority one goals for each locale. Priority two and three goals will follow over time (with obvious deference to locales with potential for highest impact). It is important to note that while we will be focusing our efforts on certain countries, once the marketing platforms are live (many are live now), all locales should have access to Mozilla marketing support.

In my next post, I will describe our plan to make a more focused effort to spread Firefox. To get a quick idea at where we will focus, check out the timeline above and the list of internet users by country .

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