Friday, September 21, 2007

SUMO knowledge base to be live September 28!

Thanks to all the hard work of the SUMO community, the SUMO knowledge base will be going live to the public on Friday, September 28th!

We will initially roll-out the knowledge base with links from blog posts and one link from the current Firefox support page. We will be testing the stability and scalability of the site while getting valuable feedback on the support. After the initial testing and feedback phase, we will begin to roll out the site to a wider audience.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far. It has been an amazing team effort! If you want to get involved, visit our "get involved" page.

FYI-- we will have a timeline public for the forums and the live chat by the end of next week.


Cédric said...

hi, this is nice, but I think there's a life aside en-US community, and localization teams still don't know how to localize this, unless I missed something...

nirwana said...

If Localization Teams do not know how to localize this, how come there are already Dutch pages in SUMO ?

Please see for the timeline for localization of these articles ("no later than October for those locales who want to participate").

nirwana said...

See for an example of a page in another language.

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