Sunday, June 24, 2007

More on the state of the web in Brazil

I have had a chance to type up a few more notes—here are a few more things we have learned about the Brazilian market (all based on conversations we have had with people from universities, foundations and top internet companies):

The operating system market share on one of Brazil’s top websites is:
Windows 98- 45%
Windows XP- 40%
Vista- 6%
Linux- 4%
Mac- too expensive!

When people buy personal computers in Brazil, they buy it without an operating system and then go get pirated copies of Windows (generally older versions). Actually purchasing an upgrade to Windows is very expensive for people and all the people with pirated software don't get updated from Microsoft, so there are many security issues for users here (all the more reason to use Firefox!).

Top Dail-up ISP’s
Terra—which is backed by Telefonica (biggest telephone company in Brazil)
UOL--essentially Brazil’s AOL

Largest ADSL’s are run by telco’s
Brasil Telecom—“Turbo”
(all actually pretty equal in #’s, but largest of high speed internet connections come from ADSL)
Main cable broadband company-- Netvirtua

A quick reference for the state of internet connectivity in Brazil is the US a few years back (telco’s and major media companies desperately trying to get in on this whole “internet thing” with most people still on dial up).

Globo is the largest media company in Brazil. They own TV Globo, the largest TV station, radio stations, the biggest magazines, the biggest papers and the internet properties (5th largest portal online). They also have a stake in netvitua (largest cable broad band company) and own tons and tons of content.

Brazilian computer company Positivo claims largest share of home pc market in Brazil, with Dell and HP leading strongly in business market.

If you have anything to add (or think something is wrong), please let me know. I am trying to give real-time info, but after the trip I will be summarizing the notes for our community/partners in Brazil to edit for accuracy and thoroughness.


Caio Tiago said...

Visa -> Vista
Velax -> Velox
Netvitua -> Netvirtua

Almost everyone I met uses XP, except who owns a very old computer, which uses 98.

Well... indeed, I know a lot of geeks that uses Linux and FreeBSD and a lot of designers that uses Mac OS X. But most windows users are users of XP.

It's very easy to got a pirated copy of Windows XP for free around...

The idea of football teams skins is great.
There is a great passion for football here.

A lot of people would switch for Firefox just for being able to use a skin of their team.

JT Batson said...

thanks for the corrections-- running on not much sleep here.

i know it may seem odd that that high a number use Window's 98, but those were actual numbers from a top 10 website in Brazil (crazy, i know!).

Jesse Ruderman said...

The large marketshare of Windows 98 in Brazil is worrisome, since we decided over a year ago that we're dropping support for Windows 98 in Firefox 3.

JT Batson said...

i think that the window's 98 number is a little high on this site compared to others, but windows 98 usage is still high (this site says they get about 7% Fx users when the Brazilian avg. is 12%, so this site is probably not used by the most tech savvy people--which would make sense).

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