Thursday, May 17, 2007

Firefox Help Needs Your Help

To date, Mozilla community volunteers have provided Firefox user support that has met, and often exceeded, the needs of the tech and the early adopter users of Firefox. As Firefox’s market share grows beyond early adopters, our user support needs also to evolve. The Firefox Support Working Group has spent the last month doing research and community outreach on how Mozilla should evolve user support through a community based approach.

We've had dozens of community volunteers participate through open phone calls, in person meetings, forum posts, blog posts and emails. As a result of this process, we have developed a draft overview and product requirements document for Firefox Support.

In order for this to be successful, we need your feedback and your help. Please check out the overview and give us your thoughts. If you want to be more involved, you can join the support planning mailing list. To see others' comments, check out the Google Group.

Thanks for your help. We look forward to hearing from you.



jslater said...

Hey JT. I'm honored to be the first person to post on your blog. Looking good so far!


Juanzo said...

What's your thought about support for other languages? We currently provide support and email support on our website.

an0n.1984 said...

THANKS for concientious attention to the support thing. I'm

an0n.1984 said...

oh DRAT ;-[

Anyways, I've been a Geck-ish Geek since Netscape 4.6 (?) in fact never used exploder until windows 95 came with (invasive and unwanted) feature...

My experience is that the Moz/Fox/gecko (OPEN SOURCE) support is easily located, well organized & indexed,

The WORST end user support I've navigated is "Micro Sausage Knowlege Botch". The real nuts and bolts solutions Obfuscated in a labarynth of bareley searchable "ASP" (venomous!) documents.

The BEST have been the Debian Project and the Linux Doc Project. Things are in a sensible straight forward order. No fancy "inudstrial site". Much more comfortable, appealing. MUCH more practical info, alot LESS bandwidth ;-) and *NO* wierd sneaky script & cookie code "Behind the Curtain"

I sincerely hope the "Support Upgrade" doesn't take the route of the "improved" extensions site. The loss of the "advanced search" feature is tragic.

The only significant change I feel would truly benefit our community as a whole would be "Globalizing" the content, simply (bad pun) adding translation flags... Part of how G666le got where they are is TRANSLATE

How can we provide a "mainline" venue for the already excellent support that _invites_ global contribution? The result might be more volunteers, which yields more support?

GRATEFUL since 95
bobbie in TN

Unknown said...

I love this browser. However, my biggest frustration is the extra click I need to take every time I open a new tab.

Why isn't there an option to allow new tabs to open directly to your home page? 90% of the time I open a new tab (blank page) I have to tell it to go to my home page (Google).

Laurens Holst said...

seadams, just middle-click on your home button.

d33zy said...

just curious... now this feature may already be in it but i've been looking and came up with nothing so far. when firefox crashes.. all ur tabs reactivate so you kan start from were u left off.. thats good kuz my pc might just close and ill have something up i didnt save. But if YOU close it.. there's no way(that i know of) to bring those tabs up again and its been news stuff i wanted to find that i've never got a chance to read and couldnt find again

anyway.. couldnt 'restore tab' be set to always be useable? inplace of just when firefox crashes? i do force crashes at times just to use the feature XD lol

Unknown said...

I really liked the "email_notifier" extension but now that I updated firefox that extension is out of date - I don't really like the way the other Gmail notifier extensions work - please bring back the old one. Please.

Unknown said...

I really like this product (and I'd be willing to pay for it, too).
I would really like to see a "Print Preview" function like the one in IE for Mac. It has that cool deal where you can grab and push part of the web page out of the scene so you don't have to print headers and banners. Also, there are magnification and background choices. Take a look at IE to see what I'm talking about.

Unknown said...

You're doing a great job with all of this and I'm excited to see how it'll all come together.

By the way, I used to work in St. Marys, Ga, and I grew up in Jacksonville, Fla.

I miss the cooking but not the heat.

Ken Saunders

Ben Simonton said...

You are doing a great job.

I suggest that after an update and the need to restart Firefox, we be provided the ability to "restore sessions" not just "close all tabs".
To get around this, I wait until I can afford the time to restart my computer. This closes Firefox without having to close all tabs and on restarting Firefox I am afforded the ability to restore sessions. It is a pain in the butt, but better than losing my tabs.

Best regards, Ben

Thomas Hammerlund said...

I use firefox on two different computers, and I think it would be great if I could sign in, and have the same bookmarks, add-ons, etc. on both computers.

Pete D said...

Firefox is OK, but one issue I can't get an answer to. If I need a web address that does not use 'www' at the front, Firefox automatically puts 'www.' at the front and it means I cannot get to the address. How do I make Firefox accept web addresses with no 'www.' at the front?

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