Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Updating the update page

As you likely saw when you upgraded to the most recent version of Firefox, we show you a landing page to tell you that you have updated to the latest and most secure version of Firefox. We have also traditionally used that page as a way to communicate to you (and all the other users), most often about add-ons. We think that page could use a little work....

Below you will find the screen shots of the new versions of the page. Please check them out and give us your feedback.

Our primary audience is people who have not tried add-ons before; either because they have never heard of them or they don't quite understand what and how useful they are. We hope to use the learnings from this effort to continue to improve how we communicate the "customization" benefit of Firefox across all of our properties.

We will be testing two versions of the update page. The first version is similar to our current update page, but with a design, copy and UI changes. Please note that with both versions of the page, we have included the "release notes" to tell people what changed when they updated Firefox as well as an easy way for them to go to their homepage if they are not interested in trying out add-ons.

The goal of our second page (below) is to introduce the user to specific add-ons from the start. We think that even if these specific add-ons aren't appealing, the user will quickly "get" what an add-on is and will be interested in seeing more.

This page is the "landing page" that users will click through to if they are interested in seeing more add-ons. This page will also have a link to the full add-ons site. We will be testing two different versions of this page: one that shows 6 add-ons to users and one that shows 10. For all pages that show add-ons, we will be rotating add-ons through and tracking to see which ones were downloaded the most often.


Frederic Wenzel said...

JT, cool, I like the mocks. I believe this will truly improve the first users' experience by facilitating their finding out what add-ons are and what they can do for them. Nicely done!

Ville said...

Looks clean and great! Emphasizing Firefox's customizability is a sure to way make lot's o' people see "the light". :P I hope you'll also roll this over to other locales besides en-US pronto.

google said...

Utterly brilliant!!

Much better than the last set of screen shots.

Really nice. Love it.

You guys are awesome at styling a nice web page.


Stanisław Małolepszy said...

JT, that's great you're working on this. I posted my comment on my blog, but I have just noticed there is no trackback functionality at blogspot :(

My comments.

I allowed myself to use your mock-ups. Maybe you could release them on the CC BY-SA licence and provide e.g. the svg source files?

iMacros said...


This is a very nice layout, I like it a lot.

Have you thought of adding some video tutorials to the page? Something like a general introduction to add-ons? Here is an example of what I have in mind (it's about, but the same style might work for Firefox...)